Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holla fo tender mercies!

HOLA FAMILIA!!! I have so much to tell you!! As you already know there was a 5.9 earthquake here!!!!!! It was so crazy! We were eating dinner and I started shaking and I turned to look at the elders cause I thought they were shaking our table or something but then we all realized it was an eartquake!!!!!! It went on for a little bit longer and then we had to evacuate the building!!!!! It was insane!!! I survived an earthquake!!!!!! Also at walmart I got just some notecards and pens. Everything was in spanish and I was like a lost dog haha and then when I went to pay I just handed the lady all my money and told her to take what it cost hahaha I was so confused!! Then we went to the mall. It was huge!!! they had a forever 21 and I had to close my eyes as we walked by haha. But I got Wendys!! Oh man it was delicious. So me and HH go and sit down in the food court and theres this weird music playing and I say man it would be so perfect if she will be loved came on right now. AND GUESS WHAT CAME ON!!!!!!! She will be loved!!!!!! As soon as it came on our jaws dropped. It was soooo awesome and in english!! I sat there listening to my favorite song and eating a delicious chocolate frosty. Tender mercies I tell ya. It was so so awesome. ALSO!!!! Saturday, in the middle of the afternoon, HH and I were informed that the area president and his wife, the president of general young womens and the 1st counselor of general relief society were coming for dinner and we were chosen to eat with them!!!!!! It was the best night of my life. We were 2 of 15 hermanas that got to eat with them. The spirit around those ladies was so comforting. They wanted to take a a picture so they sat in chairs in front of all of us and we stood behind them, there was an extra chair next to them and she said someone come sit by me! and no one was moving so of course, I did!! I sat next to her and she put her arm around me and I felt so peaceful and calm it was amazing. She reminded me a lot of Sister Chlarson. It was a great night.
So our teacher is our invesitgator and on our second lesson I bore my testimony in spanish to him! Im sure it made absolutely no sense and it was extremely simple but it was still awesome. We committed our other teacher to baptism for october 1st. They are fake investigators but popping the question and them saying yes is so awesome! I'm halfway done with the CCM!!!! Praise the mother! I love the CCM but I am so excited for the field. It will be harder I know that but in a way it will be easier because it will be easier to remind myself why I'm here when I'm actually helping and teaching everyday.
So walmart had guards everywhere! It was intense, to get in you had to show the guards something. and there are guns and gaurds lining every street.We also got to drive by guatemala city in the bus, it is HUGE!!! like I had no idea. Skyscrapers and all. Its awesome. We got to go to the temple again, it was really good, we are going again today. I love the temple!!! Not being in a prayer circle for 18 months will be sad cause I love the spirit you feel but it is still really great. So we got new latinas. They first night they were here, we were eating dinner and I was trying to ask about the cherry dessert but I said the word for beer instead of cherry...HAHAHA they all like screamed and covered their mouths and I just sat there like what? Haha it was hilarious. Our classroom moved to a chapel that is like underground the temple. It is very interesting but we get to walk outside everyday and see the temple. Its nice. Our deportes time got changed to 8 at night and we have it with 5 other norte districts so pretty much all the missionaries that have been here two weeks longer than us. The first night, these elders were playing like 4 on 4 so I asked to play and they kinda laughed at me...I was so annoyed. I was weraing my lebron shirt too so they were just hatin. Then they let me play and they FINALLY passed it to me and boom. Drainage. I hit 4 threes in a row and they were shocked. Ha It felt good to show them up. I got tired of playing with them after two nights cause they are real jerks so I decided to try soccer. OH YEA BABY I LOVE SOCCER!!! the first time I played I scored a goal!!! I was so excited and then last night I scored 3!!!!!!!!! mom I think I got your soccer skils!! It rains like every night so soccer in the rain is definitely my new fave. I got to wear my rain coat like every day this week, for some reason I was so excited to wear it hahah but I love it and wear it any chance i get! which is really all the time haha.
On sunday, our district sang he sent his son in sacrament meeting in spanish. The girls asked the questions and the boys answered. It was terrible but great at the same time. Have you gotten any of my letters yet? I send some every tuesday! What is this I hear about our ward splitting?????? I wanna hear more!! Also on sunday we get cereal for breakfast. Oh it is a glorious day when I get to eat cereal! Haha And on sunday we watched part of the movie errand of angels, you guys should totally watch it. Its about a sister missionary who has a rough companion. Oh i gave sister burbidge, the nurse here your email address so you can look at her blog, i figured you might like that. She is the sweetest lady. The food is killing me, yesterday I went to the bathroom 16 times. Not joking. Im saving my diarrhea pills for the field when it will be way worse and i wont have bathrroms all around me. Its not every day it happens just randomly and it sucks. You get this stabbing pain like you want to die and sit on the toilet all day, Haha it is awesome. 
Yesterday we taught one on one lessons to latinos. We had to teach about prayer. So my lesson was alright, i got him to pray so that was a succes. But my teacher asked him what I could do better and he said ¨"aprendar espanol" Yea that mean learn spanish! I just smiled and laughed. It was quite comical. This group of latinos is definitely not as friendly as the last. I didnt believe that they would think we are stuck up and such but they definitely do. They dont really talk to us...haha oh well! WRITE ME LETTERS!!! or dear elder!! I love you all, take care. Love Hermana Robertson

Kelci's district
All the sisters at the Guatemala MTC

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