Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holla fo Prayer

First off imagine the hardest thing youve ever done and multiply it by 10000 and even then it doesnt compare. I think I can be a nurse and take AP chem because even that will be a piece of cake compared to this!! Okay the CCM is awesome! The food is so good and I really am going to get fat. I have so much to tell you!!! This keyboard is totally diiferent so sorry for no punctuation and bad spelling. So the travel and first day here was proabbaly the worst day of my life. I was overwhelmed, confused, homesick, lost literally it was terrible and I wanted to go home so bad but I promised myself that I am not going home. I was making myself miserable for the first 3 days. All I could think about was my family and how bad I miss them and want to be home. I couldnt pray without crying...i am a baby! ANyways I started praying to heavenly father all the time, every minute to help me and give me strength and now my whole outloookk has changed. Also I was never smiling cause I was always frustrated and angry. Then I remembered that DArla always tells me to keep smiling. So I started smiling ang I have never been happier. So the language is rough. I am frustrated a lot and everyine says that it will come and I know it will but its hard. Everyone here things i am really funny and Im pretty sure that is Gods way of giving me confidence because it is hard to have any confidence when you cant understand what everyine is sayin all day every day! Hermana Holloway, m comp. is aweseom...i will call her HH. She reminds me a lot of Kea but more crazy. We seriouysly get along perfectly. The Lord has blessed me well with her. Our second day here there was a big meeting with all the newbies and also the latinos. They had fake investigators and were taching a lesson on faith. Then they called up to companions to teach in front of everyone! So they called latino elders then latina sisters then american elders then american sisters. Youll never guess what sisters got called up. US!!!! I was shaking like crazy and was SO nervous. They wanted us to do it in spanish but ended up doing it in english. It went okay, it was our first lesson on faith and it was in front of tons of people. SO our investigator, noel is a real investigator! All of the companions in our district teach him which is really frustrating but still good. We have had 4 lessons with him. He speaks english so we speak in spanglish to him. The first lesson was just getting to know him and asking if he believed in God. He is catholic but not practicing. We asked him to pray at the end and he said no. We were a little let down, the next day we talked about I cant remember what but we asked him to pray for us and again...no. Dang. So the third time we met with him, we asked him to pray and he did!!!!!! After the lesson HH and I were screaming!! Teaching Noel makes everything worth it. I have never felt so much joy as I do when teaching Noel. It reminds me why I am here, The most recent lesson, he prayed for us again and after we sat there on our kneees for like 5 minutes. The spirit was SO STRONG. Afterward we asked him how he felt and he said peace and calm. We explained to him that was the spirit. Again, we screamed hahaha! We love Noel and this just shows me that this is Gods work and he will soften the heart of His children. So we pray all the time, I LOVE PRAYING!!! Heavenly Father is real and he helps me everyday. So my districe is AWESOME!!! We have two poly elders and they are hilarious! Elder Tupou and Elder Vincent...AWESOME elders. We are already talking about how sad it will be to leave them becaseu we all love each other so much already. For deportes we are with the other zone and we play basketball and bump every day. Deportes is what keeps me sane! We are trapped inside all day self teaching ourselves spanish!! How frustrating! But anyways the first day of basketball I did really bad then the next day I wore my Lebron shirt and I was MAKING IT RAIIINNNNN!!! Haha it was awesome!!! Tres just kept swishing!! Elder Tupou asks me everyday for my Lebron shirt haha! Then Yesterday I wore my Jimmer shirt and I was money again! everyone was singing teach me how to jimmmer ahha it was awesome! The elders are always like We dont wanna gaurd lebron!! Haha thats God giving me confidence again. We get dessert with lunch and dinner every time! and we have a snack that is actually dessert so you can bank on me getting fat! Today we get to go to the temple and it is in english!!!!! Mom tell the sisters at the temple on saturday Hi for me!! And that I love them and they are awesome! specifically sister chlarson and the first lady in the first room of initiatory with the glasses and grayish black hair. Also say hi to the mia maids for me and tell them I love them. Tell them to read their scriptures and pray always!! God is good and he loves us so much. OH get this. So for sundays there are two branches, but every sunday there is a topic and everyone has to prepare a talk and in sacrament they randomly call on you and you have to give your talk in espanol!! how nerveracking...not really though anymore for me. But luckily I didnt get called haha. But for sunday school you have to prepare a ten min lesson with your comp and they call on you and we got called on! Our lesson was so good in my opinion, it got to be in english. It was on the light of Christ. Oh Mom thanks for all the dear elders...I havent gotten any yet, we only get dear elders on thursdays but I know when I get them I will be SO happy! Seeing other missionaries get mail and not me is a little depressing. Also Noel went to church yesterday with one of our teachers!! he is making such good progress. not yesterday I meant sunday. Also a bunch of sisters are getting packages so packages might make it to the CCM...maybe its 50 50. Hermano Mendez is our night teacher and He is SOO FUnny. Like i Said though the spanish is like teach yourself and often we are left without a teacher. The latina sisters are the most helpful. We sit by them at lunch and talk to them before bed. They just laugh at me cause my spanish is so bad. haha. 
 So showers can only be 5 minutes...HAHA. I am so humbled already from this week. I just keep remidning myself why I am here and that the language will come and that the joy I will experience in the field will be all worth it! I have trouble falling asleep becasuse my mind is racing with spanish but once I fall asleep I am out. Also Im on the top bunk and my pillow falls all the time! Hahaha poor HH. She is awesome, you should fb stalk her. Grace Holloway! 
My testimony is growing everyday. Having Gods name on my shoulder all the time is such an amazing feeling and blessing. I dont want to say goodbye! Haha again my pday will channge so email me on sunday. I love you all, pray for the missionaries because this is hard work. 
Post a link to my blog on fb so everyone knows to send me letter and pictures. I wish I could tell you more about guat guat but i have not experience it yet for myself. Soon though!
Anyways, Love you guys, Love, Hermana Robertson

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