Thursday, September 19, 2013

Holla fo being happy

Hola familia!! Boy i have tons to tell!! So we were supposed to email on momday but the internet was down then tuesday we went to the mercado so we had no time! then yesterday the internet wouldnt work again!!! So for Pday we went to the mercado. My mind was blown. It was like this underground market with a TON of stuff. I bought two little hairclips that cost 6 bucks roughly.We were supposed to barter with them but as you know, that is not my specialty so while I was talking to the guy, elder vincent stood behind him bartering for me. It was awesome haha He got it from 35 to 25 which is only a dollar but I appreciate elder vincents efforts. We had an hour at the mercado then we went to wendys again!! We were allowed to walk around the mercado by ourselves and at a certain time we were supposed to be at wendys. So it was me hh vincent and callaway and we had no idea how to get to wendys so we ended up walking up the wrong road then back and finally elder vincent got us there. It was so scary. Guatemala is just blowing my mind. Anyways I got a frosty at wendys and it was delicious. We had about 30 minutes to spare so president said we could go walk around this park type thing that has this massive fountain in the middle and pigeons all over and a TON of people. It was a lot like central park in NY i would imagine, So HH and I walk over there and we were not gonna talk to anyone cause lets face it, we dont know spanish. So were walking around and I turn around and these two guys are following us, At first I was really scared and neither of us knew what to do but somehow I just started talking and telling them we were missionaries. One of the guys left and so we just got to know the guy, Johnathan. Then in the middle of talking to him another guy came up and said you mormons? and we started talking to him in horrible spanish but then he was like I speak english! so HH took him and I took the other guy. We just talked and I had no idea what he said and he had no idea what I said but it was AWESOME!!!!! I wish I could do that everyday!!! Anyays at the end of our talk he asked if he could get a picture. I didnt know what to say and so I was like ok i guess. so we walk over to his friend and he pulls out his cell phone and johnathan puts his hand on my bakc and automatically i knew it was wrong but i had no idea how to get out of it. But it is probably the funniest pic ever cause i stood holding my water bottle under my chin while his arm was on my back HAHAHA look for a picture of me on the internet with a guatemala man named johnathan who is 19!! Anyways it was really fun and i cant wait for the field!!!!!! Less than 2 weeks baby!!!!! Okay so our new pday is wednesday, just so yall know. Also we figured out that we get dear elders the week after we email, so sorry for answering questions a little late, mail takes a while here. This week we got to eat french toast, waffles, hot chocolate and hamburgers!!! None of it tastes remotely normal but its the thought that counts haha. There is this red sauce that we have like every day at breakfast and it KILLS ME. I am on the toilet all day if i eat that stuff. HAHAHA. Also I made friends with the old latinas!!! I ended up really loving them again and then they leave!! Its a horrible cycle. But one was from costa rice and she gave me a bracelet that says costa rics and some candy from costa rica and I shared my m and ms and sour patch kids with them which they had never had before!!!! I was shocked. One girl thought she was supposed to suck on the m&m. No girl!! Haha! HH had to talk in Sacrament meeting. She did awesome. Kids came again to the CCM. I think the wards to a temple trip on saturdays and come to the CCm too. There is supposed to be a hurricane this weekend!!! Im not a fan of having to worrry about naturla disasters all of a sudden! But in a way i kind of like it. its exciting. So some of us had to go to immigration today to finish our visas i think. It was so funny cause we were lined up outside the building and all these guatemalans would drive by and just stare with open jaws. its like we are a zoo! Laurie thank you for your letter!!! I hope you have the snake out by now...haha! Can I have your email or address or something so I can write you back? 
 Im always hungry!!! they feed us SO much but for some reason I am never satisfied. 
Well I am still playing socccer and loving it and sometime basketball too. I decided that it doesnt say much about you if you are always happy on the good days but not on the bad days so i am working on being happy everyday no matter what! the past couple days our district has been kinda down so its a great oppurtunity for me to work on being positive. Also yes mom, missions are all about learning to love people. Especially the difficult ones. Our evening teacher is...very controlling, and our whole district is struggling with him so I am really realllllyyyy trying to love him. Anways thats all for now! I love being a missionary!!! I love you all! 
Love you! Hermana robertson

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