Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Holla Fo Getting There!

Im alive! I only have like 5 minutes to tell you that Im here. You havent seen ghetto till youve seen guatemala...its worse than costa rica! but I love it! We dont know when pday is and it changes so email me on sundays. My hair does not stay straight and its triple in size. today has been exhausting and I feel like this day is never ending. We saw a man peeing in a public park. See? Ghettoooooo. Lots of spanish today, HA i dont know anything! The food is SO GOOD!! I will get fat here. In my district there is an elder who was on the jedi counsel club at his high school so you can imagine...My comp is Hermana Holloway. She is from Utah. I really like her and I feel like Ive known her forever already. There are 8 girls to a room, I have the top bunk. Im sick! typical littel cold I get when I go to a new place. I keep sniffing and everyone thinks Im crying but no, im just sick already. And I already drank the agua! Hahahaha I would be the one to do it! But it hasnt affected me yet...its just hard to break the habit of not using the sink when brushing teeth. Okay gotta go now! Love you Familia!
Love, Hermana Robertson

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