Monday, November 17, 2014

Holla for "cool" stuff in Guatemala

Monday, November 17

Hola Familiaaaaa! 
Well Lolita we have like left her for good cause she is crazy. One day she won't fear men more than God. Poor lady. 
Well this week...i have no idea what happended. Karen and Familia Samayoa went to church yesterday so that was super exciting and cool. But they all like the church they just don't wanna be baptized so that is the desafio right now. 
Also a man swore and barked at me in the street and another guy on motorcycle came up behind me and grabbed my bum and then just drove off. So Guatemala is getting cooler and cooler. 
Love you all!! 
Love, Kelci 
Trying to stay warm (evidently its hot during the day and "freezing" at night)
Hermana leaders

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