Monday, November 3, 2014

Holla fo American holidays

Hola Familia!!! 
Well Lolita got sick so we couldn't visit her for a couple days and in those couple days a loootttt of catholic people went and told her that we are endangering her and that she is playing with God no se que no se que. So we went with her Saturday night and she told us that flat out no way is she getting baptized. Then we went back Sunday and she was like oh yea, i'll get baptized. Sooo shes crazy and everytime i visit her i leave more insane than I was when i walked in. Like I don't know what to do with her. We will probs just baptize her this Saturday. Tengo fe! 
Well this week was dia de los muertos and literally it was dead. It's tradition to go to the cementary and be there all day and leave food on the graves and a bunch of weird stuff so no one was home and if they were they were with all their familia. That was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pretty much. Also they make this really disgusting dish called fiambre. Its a mix of every vegetable and meat possible. Its awful, I  will send you a pic.
Well I think thats about it. Nothing else really new. SO crazy that its November. What the heck. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT 18!!!!! Time flies. Okay well have a greatttt week everyone! love you all! 
Love, Kelci 
 Attempts at carving the biggest pumpkins Guat grows!

English class with American treats

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