Monday, September 15, 2014

Holla fo a parade!

September 15, 2014
FELIZ DIA DE INDEPENDENCIA GUATEMALLAAAAA!!!! today is like the 4th of July here in Guatemala. They do a huge parade and have a fair and there are a lot of drunk people. What more could you want. So as a zone we went to the parade and there were so many people but it was so fun AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. It’s so fun. Then we played futbol and then we ate Mcdonalds. Life is good.
WELL i think my parasite has returned the little devil. The thing is that i was healed until i did divisiones and went and visited this super poor family and they gave us atol de alote and it was horrible but i had to drink it and then i didn’t sleep that whoooole night cause i was dying in the bathroom and from then I’ve been sick. I’ts like de repente something destroys me and I’m sick again. It’s life long i know it. It’s okay, it keeps life interesting.
Well, Freddy was SO CLOSE to getting baptized on Saturday until Friday he told us he has been in jail 7 times. We told Pres and he says he has to wait until November. Which is good cause then he can repent mas and what not.
All of our investigators like became disinterested this week which was super weird but that’s okay cause we have a lot of new ones! We had a meeting with Pres this week for the leaders and it was sooooooo good. I stinkin love that man, he is so inspired. He really cares about conversion of the missionaries, he’s awesome. This week we have a multi zone conference so we will get to listen to him again.  yay!
What else, life is good, I love Guatemala, being a missionary is da best. Love you all, have a super great week and ENJOY ST GEORGE!!!!!!!! Kea should hook up with Kellie! Love you all tons, thanks for everything! OH my foot fungus is like almost gone. There is this elder who is like super chill and we are friends and he had the same fungus so he gave me some tips to make it go away and YAY its almost gone!!! Anyways, les quierooooo muchooo!
Love, Kelci
H Rubio, Kelci, H Feliz at the Independence Day Parade

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