Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Holla fo HueHue

Sept 1 2014

Waddup family! this week was super awesome cause I GoT TO GO BACK TO HUEHUE!!!!! Some of my investigators from Talmiche got baptized so they invited me and we went! we left at 6 saturday morning and got there at 830. The baptism was gonna start at 9 so we went and visited Familia Vasquez and we walked in and they gave us breakfast and man I love those people. Then we went to the baptism and all my peeps from talmiche were there!!!! I love them so much!! so it was really good to see them all. Then after, we went and visited Hno Isreal and Transito and Hna Seperina and my fave member family. I  LOVE HUEHUE. I don't understand why but I do. I would be fine with mission hueheu. The bishop actually told me he was gonna talk to president to see if i can have  my last two months in that ward, probably won't happen but i wouldn't mind. 
SO FUNNY STORY. I did divisiones this week with some hnas. We go to visit one of their investigators at like 8 at night, a 90 old man who lives alone who doesn't believe in the BOM. So we get there and we watch a mensaje mormon on the BOM and then I ask if he has questions and he just says that he doesn't understand why we have the BOM and he is fine with the bible. So I read with him Ezekiel 37 or something like that about a palo of juda and a palo of jose and as soon as we read that the lights go out and he says "Look, God doesn't like what you're saying that's why he turned the lights off. Then the lights come back on and he just GOES OFF ON ME. Telling me I'm an impatient person and I'm not humble and I'm a horrible person and he doesn't like me and he didn't like me from the moment he saw me and i look like a preacher but my heart isn't soft and that i don't love God and that my parents hate me and they don't want me in their house and sooooo much crap and i just said, "hno i don't want to fight with you" and he said "oh but i want to fight with you" and then i said "okay im just gonna say a prayer and then we will leave" and then he opened his door and told me to get out but we prayed and then we left and he told me to never come back. So that was interesting. I'm pretty sure he realized that the BOM is true but he doesn't want to believe it so he got mad at me. IDK but it was funny. 
What else, Byron and Freddy are both SUPER AWESOME but they say they need more time. We will continue to help them. Hmmmm I can't remember anything else that happened this week. Apparently the rainy season has started but somehow its still SUPER hot and just rains in the tardes. But we shall see. Well hope everyone has a super good week and enjoys school yet again!!! SUPER CRAZY how time passes. I'm trying not to think about it cause I just cry. LOVE YOU ALL, thank you for being the best family ever! have a good week! 
Love KElci 
Oliver and family - the baptism in HueHue

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